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Adelaide Hills Toyota, Host Company for Statewide Group Training

Posted by Statewide Group Training SA on 6 January 2020

Mark Barron is the Service Manager at Adelaide Hills Toyota. They have been an ongoing host company for many years and have successfully trained many Light Vehicle Motor Mechanics.

How long has your business been using Statewide Group Training?
Since 2007. We are currently the host business for 3 apprentices and employ 4 former Statewide Group Training apprentices who are now fully qualified. Since our partnership with Statewide Group Training began, we have hosted 12 apprentice mechanics.

What are the main benefits to you as a business in partnering with Statewide Group Training?
We've established a great relationship with Statewide Group Training and in particular, James. James understands our business needs and knows exactly what type of person we are looking for. He is also great at choosing someone who is suited to a small workshop environment.

Working with Statewide Group Training means we don't have to pay for advertising and run our own job ads. Instead of getting dozens of applications to go through, many who are not seriously wanting an apprenticeship, James finds and screens applications for us and sends us only resumes of those he thinks most suitable. From there we can choose and get James to arrange a one week work experience as a trial. If that goes well and all parties are happy to move ahead, James takes care of the formalites and the candidate starts a 3 month probation period. This again gives all parties the opportunity to reassess the relationship to make sure it's the right fit. We've never had an unsuitable apprentice but if we did, we have the flexibility of sending them back.

What's the ongoing relationship with Statewide Group Training like as a host business?
We try to take on one new apprentice every year with Statewide Group Training. We also like to employ people local to the community. James visits our premises every month to check on our apprentices and make sure everyone, including us, is happy.

All in all, we've had a great experience partnering with Statewide Group Training. It's been a beneficial relationship for both parties. We've been able to provide stable and professional employment for our apprentices, some who have remained with us after qualifying.

Once the apprenticeship finishes, and if both parties agree, the apprentice leaves the employment of Statewide Group Training and is then employed by us. From start to finish the entire process is smooth and hassle free.


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