Recruitment and Selection

  • After initial consultations with the workplace we create a detailed profile of requirements
  • We will then produce suitable media advertising material for circulation to maximise the available candidate pool thus ensuring the best available applicants are attracted. Advertising may include press, electronic, schools, Government employment agencies and local networks.
  • Specific advertising can be created to suit individual needs.
  • Standard advertising costs are included.
  • All applicants are carefully checked using assessment tests, pre-selection interviews and thorough reference checks.
  • Only applicants of the highest quality are referred to the workplace for final selection.
  • Arrange medical testing as required
  • Formal induction

Administration and Costs

  • There are no upfront fees.
  • Upon receipt of the weekly worksite validated timesheet from the Australian Apprentice the Host Employer is invoiced for the wages and oncosts of the Apprentices and / or Trainees placed with them.
  • Should the Australian Apprenticeship timesheet need to be faxed by the Host Employer this must be received by our Payroll Dept no later than 10am each Tuesday
  • The Host Employer is responsible for paying the invoice within our credit terms or agreed arrangements
  • Payments can be made either by direct debit, direct credit or cheque.
  • The Host only needs to ensure that the full weekly payment is made and do not need to worry about or concern themselves with all the complexities of doing payroll, tax, super, Workcover, leave loadings, penalty rates etc.


  • Training is nationally accredited and delivered by Registered Training Organisations such as TAFE and is supported by your workplace training.
  • The provider of all formal training and the training modules included is by agreement of all parties
  • It is a requirement of the Contract Of Training that Apprentices and Trainees must attend the RTO as and when required. Attendance is compulsory as it is part of the employment of the Apprentice or Trainee.
  • Statewide Group Training also run regular OHS&W training which the Apprentice & Trainee must attend. The Host is not charged for this time.

Monitoring and Mentoring

  • We conduct regular visits to your workplace to provide support and mentoring to your Trainee or Apprentice.

We are also available to provide support and assistance to the Host Employer as required.

Additional outsourced consultants are available as required.

Relocation to another Host worksite may be necessary during the duration of the COT. As the Apprentice & Trainee is legally employed by Statewide Group Trainee this in no way affects the term of the COT. Relocation is always subject to agreement.