STATEWIDE GROUP TRAINING GTA STANDARDS 1, 4, 8 POLICY & PROCEDURES CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY STANDARD 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 4.1, 8.2, 8.3 RESPONSIBILITY: All Board of Directors / Staff / Apprentices / Trainees


Statewide Group Training (SA) is committed to ensure performance for all stakeholders.


The employees of Statewide Group Training are expected to observe the highest possible standards of behaviour, ethics and integrity as a condition of their employment. The standards expected of employees include, but are not limited to:

  • Strict observation of work, health and safety rules, responsibilities and practices at all times;
  • Compliance with all organisational policies, procedures, rules and contractual obligations;
  • Compliance with all relevant industry legislative requirements in the performance of all duties;
  • Adherence to appropriate Professional Codes or Practice and/or Ethics (such as accounting standards, or group training standards);
  • Compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions of manager/supervisors;
  • Adherence to the confidentiality of any information, records or other sensitive material acquired during the course of employment and/or after the cessation of employment with Statewide Group Training;
  • Honesty, respect, fairness and courteous manner in all dealings with customers, clients, co-worker, suppliers, management and the general public;
  • The proper intended use of and respect for Statewide Group Training equipment, information, electronic systems, supplies and property (including intellectual property);
  • Not to make any unauthorised public statements, including to the media, about Statewide Group Training business (requests for media statements must be referred to the CEO);
  • Not to compete with or against the interests of Statewide Group Training, either directly or indirectly. This includes a duty not to engage in outside employment without the prior approval of the CEO;
  • No assault against another person, including fighting in the workplace;
  • No offensive language and/or behaviour in the workplace, including the use of electronic systems;
  • No unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace;
  • and - Not to possess, distribute, sell, consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst in the workplace.

A breach of this Code of Conduct Policy by any employee may result in disciplinary action being taken.


Board of Directors Adhere to all principles relating to good Corporate Governance. This will include but not be exclusive to;

  • Keeping abreast of all relevant legal statutes (Australian and State)
  • Holding of regular Board Meetings
  • Maintenance of Board representation – based on the Constitution Training of Board Members in their responsibilities of directorship
  • Familiarisation and adherence with the articles of incorporation
Support of the Chief Executive Officer and Staff

Provide guidance to the Chief Executive Office.

Chief Executive Officer

  • Implement all directives from the Board in an efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Provide timely, accurate and meaningful financial, operational and performance information to support Board Meetings and on an ‘as required’ basis when requested.
  • Provision of strong and consistent leadership to all Statewide Group Training staff.
  • Provide a working environment that encourages open and frank communication.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment, with appropriate infrastructure conducive to the consistent delivery of a high quality service.
  • Be custodian of, and ensure adherence to, the Code of Conduct.
  • Provide an arbitration function to assist in any internal dispute or conflict resolution.


  • Statewide Group Training (SA) Inc has policies, procedures and management practices which maintain high professional standards in the delivery of all its services.
  • Statewide Group Training (SA) Inc ensures that it recruits staff that are both suitably qualified to provide the services it offers as well as being sensitive to the cultural and other needs of all the people they deal with. It also provides on-going training to its staff to ensure that this principle is maintained.
  • Statewide Group Training (SA) Inc works within Australian and State Government legislative requirements as they pertain to the provision of all of its services.
  • Statewide Group Training (SA) Inc is committed to conducting all of its business in an ethical manner.
  • Statewide Group Training (SA) Inc will make available to any interested party details of its Conflict of Interest Management Plan, where a potential conflict exists.


  • Statewide Group Training ensures it maintains financial records and auditing processes in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards.
  • Statewide Group Training has internal controls and systems in place for the protection of public and other funds. Statewide Group Training ensures that all contractual and financial relationships with clients are fully and properly documented. This documentation is fully explained to the client, and copies of the documentation are made available where relevant.


  • Statewide Group Training ensures that the provision of all information is current, accurate, impartial and consistent.
  • Statewide Group Training ensures that all relevant information is provided in its entirety before entering into any written agreement with a client.

Record Keeping

Statewide Group Training keeps complete and accurate records for Australian Apprentices, Host Employers and Clients and provides copies of these records to relevant authorised parties on request.


  • Statewide Group Training ensures that all of its marketing literature and advertising is accurate, ethical and consistent with community standards.
  • Publications comply with all relevant Australian and State Government legislation.
  • Statewide Group Training ensures that it has written permission from any client before using information about that individual or organisation in any marketing material/campaigns.


  • Service Statewide Group Training ensures that its staff are focussed on providing the highest quality customer service by adhering to the following Customer Service Standards:
    • Staff treat every person they deal with whilst at work as a client.
    • Address all people in a friendly, courteous and culturally sensitive manner.
    • All telephone calls are promptly and courteously answered and redirected quickly and efficiently to the appropriate staff member who can provide the assistance required immediately.
    • Respond promptly to all letters, faxes, e-mails, phone and other messages.
    • Respond to all reasonable queries within one working day, and when that is not possible, inform the client when their requests will be answered.
    • Ensure that all staff who are dealing with clients identifies themselves and their roles.
    • Keep all appointments or advise/request in a timely manner of any absences.

Complaints/Grievance Process

Statewide Group Training ensures there is an assessable, effective complaints process by adhering to the following Service Standards:-

  • Develop and maintain an internal complaints process that ensures all complaints are dealt with fairly and in a professional and expeditious manner to bring about the most amicable and satisfactory results for all parties.
  • Ensure that the complaint process is linked to the on-going business process of continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement Program

  • Statewide Group Training is committed to achieving best practice through the implementation and on-going maintenance of its Continuous Improvement Program.
  • Statewide Group Training will embark on continuous review of policies and procedures along with continuous business process improvement.
  • Statewide Group Training will conduct Self-Assessment procedures to achieve on-going improvement and adherence to its Continuous Improvement Program.
  • Statewide Group Training actively seeks feedback from all parties it deals with, in relation to the satisfaction of service they have received, in order to improve its service and wherever possible, exceed client’s expectations of the service offered.

Group Training Provider

  • Statewide Group Training ensures that Australian Apprentices/Trainees are placed in safe and healthy workplaces that have the capacity to provide quality training and meet their financial obligations.
  • Statewide Group Training advises Host Employers of the legislative requirements to provide quality training in a safe work environment and it assists them to meet and maintain these requirements.
  • Statewide Group Training monitor and assess the performance and progress of its Australian Apprentices/Trainees, and work to improve the quality of training outcomes.
  • Statewide Group Training ensures Australian Apprentices/Trainees and Host Employers are provided with full details of conditions in any contractual arrangements with the organisation.
  • Statewide Group Training conducts recruitment and selection of Australian Apprentices/Trainees at all times in an ethical and responsible manner based on Equal Employment Opportunity Principles.
  • Statewide Group Training conducts assessment and selection of Host Employers at all times in an ethical and responsible manner based on their capacity to provide quality training in a safe work environment.
  • Statewide Group Training provides appropriate induction for all Australian Apprentices/Trainees prior to placement with Host Employers.
  • Statewide Group Training provides appropriate pastoral care and support services in terms of the on and off job training of its Australian Apprentices/Trainees in accordance with State Training Authority Guidelines.
  • Statewide Group Training provides protection for the health, safety and welfare of the Australian Apprentices/Trainees without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression – this includes appropriate personal counselling.
  • Statewide Group Training provides appropriate support services to Host Employers to deliver quality on the job training safely.
  • Statewide Group Training ensures that Australian Apprentices/Trainees have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with grievances and provides an avenue for Australian Apprentices/Trainees to appeal against decisions which affect the Australian Apprentices/Trainees progress and contract of training.
  • Statewide Group Training has a grievance policy where one or more staff members are identified to Australian Apprentices/Trainees as the reference person(s) for such matters.

In addition, the grievance mechanism is made known to Australian Apprentices/Trainees at the time of induction.

  • Where a grievance cannot be solved internally, Statewide Group Training seeks the assistance of the State Training Authority as the government provider of third party mediation services relating to contracts of training.

An employee who suspects or becomes aware that this Code of Conduct Policy may be being breached must report the matter to their manager/supervisor immediately, including any information or evidence that they have.

Where an employee is unsure of their own conduct in relation to the operation of this Code of Conduct Policy, they must bring the matter to the attention of their manager/supervisor for discussion and clarification of the Policy and its application to their particular circumstances, as soon as they become aware of a breach, or potential breach.

Employees who are in breach of this Code of Conduct Policy, or suspected of being in breach of this Policy, will be dealt with in accordance with the normal disciplinary process that applies at Statewide Group Training. In severe or repeated instances, or where a fundamental breach of the employment contract occurs, termination of the employment contract may occur.

A copy of the Code of Conduct Policy is to be published and displayed by suitable means to allow all employees to become aware of their responsibilities and to enable compliance with its terms and conditions.